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Lecherous carrot meets liflicon silicone cutting board

Lecherous carrot meets liflicon silicone cutting board

2020-07-02 11:00:44 4

It's spicy! For the first time, I know that carrots will fade!!!

I once thought naively,

I bought a fake carrot myself!

After fake eggs and fake rice, are there now fake carrots? !

Summer is here! The weight loss of all the girls started one after another!

Jinny looks at his swimming ring! Decided to make a rabbit paper! Eat carrots!

To say that the beauty of carrots is really... um, off topic!

Baby cut carrots! Just X!


Baby's beloved silicone cutting board! Was made like this ghost! !

What the heck is that yellow patch? ?

Get it immediately under the faucet for cleaning...


The stains on the surface quickly disappeared under the flush of water,

More juice seemed to penetrate into the inside of the cutting board.

The cutting board is stained!

Dishwashing liquid, milk, lemon juice,

Have tried any home remedies,

It just won't wash away! Can't wash off!

Panic! The new cutting board just started was destroyed so quickly?

Not reconciled!

The baby immediately went to Du Niang for help!

However, it is of no use,

Jinny found that Du's family was packed like me,

Victim disgraced by carrot juice!

Ok! At least Jinny knew he bought real carrots!

It turns out that more treasure moms also encountered this problem,

And it seems that there has been no effective solution to this problem...

Jinny had to endure the fact of being dyed.

Looking at the yellow and yellow spots on the cutting board,

The baby refused...

. . .

Carrots are really colorful, it is hard to do

This is a worldwide problem...


the next day......

The surprise came too suddenly!


Carrot stains after a night

Gone! ! !

It's really gone!

Why is this so?

Did the aliens come from the Jinny family,

Finished this carrot juice incident?

Jinny jumped up and down to ask the liflicon product manager for advice.

"You really don't need paper, how do you walk?"

----Haha, the first sentence of the product manager...

No matter, after all, the explanation behind the others is very reasonable!

It turns out that this is the magic of liflicon silicone cutting boards!

Liflicon silicone cutting board is 100% made from high-quality food-grade silicone. The viscosity and molecular pore size of silicone itself are very small. Other objects such as cooking oil,

Carotenes, etc., are not easily immersed in the product and basically float away from the surface.

Carrot juice has been completely exposed to the air for a long time and has completely evaporated. This is an effect that cannot be achieved by other materials.

And oh, get a very practical recipe from the product manager, which can quickly and effectively deal with the problem of the silicone cutting board being stained by the juice: some vegetables and fruits will be extremely

Strong coloring power (such as beet head, carrot, purple cabbage, etc.), don't worry, you can use salt or vinegar for cleaning. After cleaning, just dry it.

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