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Welcome to Liflicon-Lifestyle Silicone, thank you very much for visiting our website, and are interested in our innovative product series made of food grade silicone material. All Lefcon products are safe, environmentally friendly, BPA-free, and all have passed FDA/LFGB certification.

Why choose food grade silicone material?

 Silica gel is derived from natural ore, the main component is SiO2·nH2O, nanometer molecular structure, non-toxic and odorless; the chemical properties are stable, except for strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid under normal conditions, it does not react with any acid or alkali salt. Lefcon uses food-grade silica gel and sand and quartz in nature, and the main components of glass and ceramic in the material are the same. It is a healthy and non-toxic safe material.

Silicone is a non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly material with very good stability. It does not react with other materials, food or drinks or produce any harmful fumes. One of its biggest characteristics is its extremely low and extremely high temperature resistance between -55 and 300 degrees Celsius; suitable for refrigerators, cooking pots and microwave ovens.

As our lifestyle rhythm is getting faster and faster, Lefcon is committed to designing and producing better kitchen utensils, making it easier to cook healthy food, convenient and simple, quick preparation and use of ingredients, and easy cleaning.

Therefore, high-quality kitchen utensils mean a lot to housewives and cooks. But wanting to keep the home kitchen and baking supplies clean is a headache for housewives. For example, cleaning wooden utensils after frying, oil, stains, burns and other factors will affect the safe use of wooden utensils; nylon scrapers burn, stains can not be removed, visually unhygienic. Then all of these problems can be solved by using our innovative design, safe and eco-friendly food grade silicone products.

Our brand and commitment

Liflicon is located in Garden City Singapore. The founders are two entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about public welfare and environmental protection, and are deeply concerned about environmental health and public welfare. Distressed by the extensive use of household products containing plasticizers to cause significant harm to the environment and public health. Reinforced their determination to use healthy and environmentally friendly silicone materials to redesign daily necessities, and founded Liflicon.

Liflicon integrates creative design, production and sales of silicone daily necessities, is committed to providing humanized innovative design and high-quality products, and advocates the use of silicone daily necessities for families. In order to protect people's health, and enjoy the environmental benefits brought by silicone products, to achieve an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

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