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Liflicon silicone cutting board is scratched after use?

Liflicon silicone cutting board is scratched after use?

2020-07-02 11:12:26 328

After someone used liflicon silicone cutting board,

I found that the cutting board was scratched and I was very nervous.

Come to ask, what's going on?

Unified genealogy:

It is normal to cut vegetables on a silicone cutting board with scratches over time.

High-quality silicone has good ductility, and the scratches are closed when tiled,

Scratches will not affect the normal use of the cutting board.

Compared to bamboo, wood, plastic cutting board,

The silicone cutting board is easier to clean, and the knife marks can also be easily cleaned away.

In fact, apart from the toughened glass cutting board,

Others such as logs, bamboo, rice husks, plastic cutting boards,

After using the knife, there will be obvious scratches.

Logs and plastics are also easy to produce fine fragments,

Mixed into food, damages human health.


How to simply distinguish whether the silicone products are of high quality?

   Squeeze hard,

   If it is whitish, please purchase carefully.




Only when there is comparison, there is discrimination.

It can be seen from the picture above that the silicone cutting board used for three months is also used.

Extrusion of silicone cutting boards of other brands of blue and red shows a large area of whitening,

Liflicon silicone cutting board does not squeeze when squeezed.

The quality of silicone cutting boards depends on the selection of materials and technology.

Low-purity low-quality silicone extrusion will blush,

High-purity, high-quality silicone extruded without whitish

Liflicon silicone cutting board uses high-quality high-purity food-grade silicone,

Produced by high pressure forming process.

Except for squeezing, it does not blush,

It also has no odor and no mold,

Twist without deformation (extended value 7 times!),

More durable features.

It is one of the few high-quality silicone cutting boards on the market.




Does not damage the blade

There is no "dongdong" noise when cutting vegetables

Soft and bendable

Easy to dump food

Easy to clean

Can thoroughly clean the dirt


——Silicone cutting board——

Select materials carefully, unique craftsmanship

  Health · Environmental protection · Freely retractable · Free to use

If the cutting board you want to use is also cool

liflicon silicone cutting board is your dish

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