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The correct use of non-stick pan!

The correct use of non-stick pan!

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As the saying goes, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, cooking with fire, without rice, or without suitable kitchen utensils! We often say "pots and pans", the pot is ranked first, indeed, who can live away from the pot at home. With a higher standard of living, there are more types of pots. Among them, non-stick pots are more popular nowadays.

            The non-stick pan is actually an advanced version of the ordinary pan, with an additional coating on the inner surface. The commonly used coating is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is Teflon. This played a role of isolation. The emergence of non-stick pans provides conditions for healthy and oil-free cooking, and makes cooking utensils easier to clean, and the kitchen becomes refreshing and cute because of no oil smoke.


Refreshing, non-stick bottom, non-oil non-stick pan

            However, if used improperly, you may create a "toxic" non-stick pan. Endanger the safety of cooking food and affect human health! Although the non-stick pan has many advantages, it conforms to the modern family's dislike of fume and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, but it is too! Jiao! weak! If the steel ball is rubbed, the inner wall coating may be damaged. It is the wooden shovel you use, and the plastic shovel will scratch it, not to mention the metal shovel! It is difficult to clean the pot after scratching, it is not hygienic enough to hide dirt and dirt, and it will affect the service life of the pot.


Non-stick cookware with damaged coating

The coating is just not easy to clean, affecting the life of the pot?

Where did the fallen coating go?

Was part of the food mixed in and eaten?

 Can the coating be eaten?

           When you use it normally, there is no need to worry about the health risks caused by peeling of the coating. The United States "Huffington Post" published an article on June 27, the American Environmental Group (EWG) research said that when the non-stick pan is heated above 260 ℃, it will release at least 6 kinds of toxic gases, including two carcinogenic gases, two A global pollutant and a lethal chemical. Once the non-stick pan paint is scratched, it will also release colorless and odorless harmful gases at low temperatures. my country's "Hygienic Standard for PTFE Coatings on Food Containers" stipulates that the temperature used as an anti-sticking coating for non-acidic food containers is limited to below 250°C. So use these non-stick cookware carefully. Because the coating cannot be eaten, it is easy to damage the health of the food in case of damage.

All you need is to use the non-stick pan correctly!

      The controversial non-stick pan is still loved by culinary enthusiasts from all over the world. Using a non-stick pan, you can easily fry and fry food without sticking to the bottom. It can minimize the use of oil, and the kitchen is clean and less oily. It can also help reduce the intake of fat and conform to the trend of modern people pursuing low-fat and low-calorie consumption. All you need is the correct way to open the non-stick pan:

 1. Avoid using hard shovel, especially metal shovel when cooking. Lefkang silicone spatula, silicone colander, silicone rice spatula, silicone soup spoon is designed for non-stick pan, soft shovel body, can effectively prevent non-stick pan coating scratch. Silicone kitchen utensils were born, which can safely remove the health risks of non-stick cookware. "She" and "they" are the mothers of the non-stick cookware, tenderly protecting the coating of the non-stick cookware.

2. Do not overheat non-stick cookware.

3. Do not rinse with cold water immediately after using non-stick cookware.

4. When cleaning, do not use cleaning tools such as steel balls, use a soft cleaning cloth or silicone cleaning brush.

5. Pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times: after use, clean it and dry it with water.

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Therefore, as long as a suitable spatula is used and the cooking temperature is properly controlled, the Teflon coating of the non-stick pan can be used safely. Rather than worry about whether Teflon will harm human health, it is better to spend a little time to buy a silicone spatula suitable for non-stick pans, improve bad cooking methods and eating habits, and truly achieve safe and healthy cooking.

        Four-piece silicone silicone kitchenware set-----silicone spatula|rice spatula|colander|soup spoon, silicone kitchenware star. Breaking the traditional design concept of metal kitchen utensils, using healthy and environmentally friendly food-grade silicone material, soft silicone material provides excellent protection for non-stick pan coating, so that the health of the pot is guaranteed! In addition, food-grade silica gel can withstand high and low temperatures -40 ℃ ~ 250 ℃. Covering the temperature of the pot during normal cooking, it is more reliable to use.


Four-piece silicone kitchen set

Your nonstick

What they need is "they"

        Put away the metal, plastic, bamboo and wooden scoops and shovel at home! Protect the non-stick pan and protect your health, starting with the use of Lefcon silicone kitchenware!

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