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Precautions for using Lefcon silicone baking molds

Precautions for using Lefcon silicone baking molds

2020-07-02 11:06:28 153

Lefcon silicone baking membranes need to pay attention to some things when they are used for the first time. Lefcon silicone products have been boiled, and the products are clean and safe. For the sake of safety, before we use it for the first time, we can first clean it with clean water to remove any dust that may be contaminated during transportation and storage. 100% silicone products can be sterilized by boiling water.


Before the baking mold is used for baking for the first time, a thin layer of butter can be spread on the surface of the mold to maintain the mold. It is no longer necessary to repeat this step in the subsequent baking process. In the multi-mold mold, there is an empty mold position left in the baking process, and cold water needs to be added to the mold. Because empty baking will shorten the service life of the silicone mold, adding cold water to the empty mold position can avoid empty baking of the mold.

What should I pay attention to when Lefcon silicone baking mold enters the oven?

When the silicone baking mold is baked in the oven, it must be placed in the middle of the oven, keeping a safe distance of 5-10CM from the heating tube, and avoiding direct contact with the inner wall of the oven to prevent the heating tube from damaging the mold at high temperature. When cooking silicone products (such as silicone cooking boxes, cooking bowls, cooking soup boxes, etc.) enter the oven, special attention should be paid to keeping all components and heating tubes at a safe distance.

How to clean Lefcon silicone baking molds?

Lefcon silicone molds can be cleaned just like normal kitchen utensils. The product description indicates that it is suitable for dishwashers, and can be put directly into the dishwasher for cleaning. Products made of 100% silicone can be scalded and disinfected in boiling water. When hand washing, add a small amount of detergent to the water, put the mold into the water, and clean it with a cloth rag. Be careful not to use rough rags such as steel wire balls and melon cloth to avoid scratching the mold surface. After cleaning, put it in a ventilated place to dry, or store it in a box or drawer. Because silica gel itself has an adsorption function, it should not be directly exposed to the air when it is not used for a long time to avoid adsorption of dust and moisture.

Are Lefcon silicone baking molds suitable for ovens?

Lefcon's baking molds are made of 100% silicone and can be safely applied to the oven. Other silicone baking tools, such as spatulas, oil brushes, and butter shovel, are not suitable for ovens or microwaves. Of course, these tools do not need to be baked in the oven. Before using the product, please pay attention to the applicable environment of the product to avoid damage to the product by mistake.

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