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Is the material of Lefcon silicone baking molds plastic?

Is the material of Lefcon silicone baking molds plastic?

2020-07-02 11:07:18 146

What glue is silicone? Is it plastic? Because the Chinese name of silicone contains a glue character, and its appearance is very similar to plastic, rubber, latex, so many people are not sure what kind of glue is silicone. And more people mistakenly think that silicone is a kind of plastic! And silicone gloves are mistaken for latex gloves! This is June Fei Shuang, a big injustice case!



Silicone is neither plastic nor latex rubber, it is not glue at all. Plastics are petroleum products, which are extracted from petroleum. Latex rubber is divided into three types: natural, synthetic and artificial, so it may be a natural extract or a chemical compound. So what is silicone?

            Silica gel is derived from natural substances. The main component is silicon dioxide (SiO2), a natural component found in crystals, quartz stones, and sand. It has a deep blood relationship with ceramics and glass. It is a soft ceramic and a soft glass! It has stable chemical properties and does not react with any substance other than strong alkali and strong acid. The property is soft, insulated, temperature-proof, temperature resistance -40 degrees to 230 degrees, good maintenance, good protection performance. It has strong plasticity and has a very broad creative space. The recycling rate of waste products is high, and no toxic substances will be released when discarded in the natural environment, which will not cause harm to the environment.

          Therefore, the material of Lefcon's silicone baking mold is silicone, not plastic, nor latex rubber. Lefcon's silicone baking mold passed the US FDA, EU LFGB food testing products, non-toxic and odor-free, high temperature, no mold, cold and anti-aging, easy to store, easy to clean, a good helper for baking enthusiasts, a good choice for home baking .

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