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Is silicone daily necessities safe?

Is silicone daily necessities safe?

2020-07-02 11:09:16 76

It is difficult to say qualitatively whether silicone household goods are safe, because the key here is the nature of the manufacturer. Even if it is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly material such as silicone, once there is a lack of monitoring, unsafe factors will inevitably appear. Many silicone daily necessities on the market come from small workshops that lack control. Then the safety of these products is doubtful.

           But for companies like Lefcon, the situation is completely different. First of all, the purpose of the establishment of Lefcon is to pay attention to public well-being and devote to the design and development of silicone daily necessities to protect people's health and improve their quality of life. Secondly, Lefkons Suzhou Factory is a officially registered factory. The materials use food-grade silicone, and all other accessories use food-grade. There are 6 safety controls in the production process, and the finished products have passed the US FDA and EU LFGB testing. So the silicone daily necessities produced by companies like Lefkang are safe.



What we must understand is that the US FDA standard and the German food-grade LFGB standard are almost the most stringent food-grade testing standards in the world. Products with this kind of certification are much safer than those products that we have daily contact without such certification.

           Silicone daily necessities are still a very strange thing for us Chinese. Food grade solid silicone has been proven to be a very healthy and safe material. In Europe and the United States, stainless steel cake baking trays are increasingly being replaced by silicone rubber baking trays, and when they grill meat, they no longer use brushes, instead they use silicone brushes. They use silicone cream spatulas and spatulas. They use silicone membranes to keep food fresh. Even the steamer is made of silicone rubber. However, what everyone does not know is that all the silicone products they use in contact with food are Made in China, and some factories with strict production processes have won these foreign silicone orders.

            According to incomplete statistics, in China, more than 50,000 tons of silicone rubber are used to produce tableware every year. 90% of these tableware are exported to Europe and the United States, and the sales in our country are very pitiful. This very environmentally friendly and healthy material has not been promoted and used on a large scale in my country for a long time. In addition to being related to our natural caution, the bigger reason is that we have few channels to learn about this material.

          In fact, we often come into contact with silicone products in our daily life, but it is easy to be ignored by everyone. For example, the nipple used on baby bottles and the seal ring of the pressure cooker. The use of silicone rubber in these two fields is any other material. There is no substitute... Existence is reasonable. With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, the safety standards for silicone household products will become more and more perfect, small workshops will be eliminated, and products on the market come from For safety products regulated by companies like Lefcon, everyone can use silicone life products with confidence!

           Liflicon (Levercon) designs, produces, and sells silicone daily necessities as a whole, is committed to providing humane innovative designs and high-quality products, and advocates the use of silicone daily necessities for families to protect people's health and enjoy silicone products. The environmental benefits brought about to achieve an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. Consultation hotline: 0512-68054027, or click the customer service online consultation on the right!

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