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How to identify the pros and cons of silicone daily necessities

How to identify the pros and cons of silicone daily necessities

2020-07-02 11:08:01 181

How to identify the pros and cons of silicone daily necessities? There are numerous silicone daily necessities on the market, and there are countless manufacturers. How to identify the pros and cons of products among many products, and choose qualified products that meet the safety regulations of regular manufacturers?


A look at registered trademarks

         Silicone daily necessities with registered trademarks can be used with confidence. Registered trademark refers to a trademark approved and registered by the relevant government department. It is protected by law and the trademark registrant has the exclusive right to use the trademark. A registered trademark is a sign that identifies a product, service, or specific individual or enterprise related to it. Products without registered trademarks are not necessarily food-safe products produced by reassuring regular enterprises. Avoid buying such unprotected products during the purchase process

Second look at the food inspection certification mark

         According to the requirements of commodities, silicone daily necessities must pass the food inspection and certification before they can be sold. Domestic brands have QS, 3C certification, etc. Foreign brands include IFS, LFGB (Europe), JAS (Japan), FDA (United States), HACCP (United States, Britain, Australia, Canada), BRC (United Kingdom), etc. Imported brands without international food quality certification are fake imports, which are not safe and secure; domestic brands with international food quality certification can also be exported to the world, and the quality is more guaranteed.

Three look at the texture odor

          In terms of characteristic feel, high-quality silicone daily necessities have good toughness and elasticity, and are not easy to be permanently deformed by external forces, and the feel will be smoother, while inferior products are easy to deform and feel rough. There is no layer of grease-like substance on the surface of inferior products.

In terms of smell, high-quality silicone daily necessities are non-toxic, odorless and colorless products, with good texture and no harm to the human body, and inferior products are very toxic and have a pungent odor, and are relatively rough. Now!

Four look at the burning effect

           Identify by flame burning method. Inferior silicone household articles are doped with impurities, black smoke appears when burning, and the residue is black powder. High-quality silicone household articles produce white smoke when the color is burned, and the burning residue is white powder.

You can only choose healthy and safe products if you have a hard eye and learn to distinguish between good and bad.

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